TCSCC Membership

Members of the Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club enjoy the following privileges:


The club tries to sponsor 12 monthly shows at the Bloomington Armory, located at 3300 West 98th St. in Bloomington.  A new member must wait 4 months from joining to be able to set up as a dealer at a show. All mall shows have free admission.


The club does its best to invite celebrities to the shows. Although both members and guests must pay an autograph fee, TCSCC members enjoy a reduced fee or free autographs. Recent guests have included Lew Ford (Twins), Michael Cuddyer (Twins), Jacque Jones (Twins), J.C. Romero (Twins), Michael Ryan (Twins), Matthew LeCroy (Twins), Johan Santana (Twins), Latroy Hawkins (Twins), Brent Burns (Wild), Filip Kuba (Wild), Andrew Brunette (Wild), Dwayne Roloson (Wild), Antii Laaksonen (Wild), Tom Reid (North Stars and Wild), Jim Langer (Vikings), Ron Yary (Vikings), Mick Tingelhoff (Vikings) and various members of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers mens and womens hockey teams.  


Periodically, TCSCC conducts an auction. In some instances, only TCSCC members can enter items in the auction or are allowed to enter more items than non-members. The club charges 10% commission for all items sold to help pay for facility rental.

Other Privileges


Membership fee in TCSCC is $15.00 for one year, $25.00 for 2 years and $60 for lifetime. All memberships include immediate family members under the age of 21.   A new member must wait 4 months from joining to be able to do a show.  To join TCSCC, print and complete the membership form and mail it with your check to the address shown on the TCSCC Renewal Form.